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Can FR1200 support Ver9.0? Can FR1200 be connected with C3?
NO, FR1200 can only support Ver10.0; FR1200 can not be connected with C3, because C3 does not support fingerprint.screen, how to cancel it?
Can we set the valid date for the employee?

Please go as follow: menu->User Mng->New User->User Expiration Rule->Expired Date->Start Date->End Date. If the user verifies outside the date, the device would say “invalid user”.


How to use wifi with new firmware device?

Pls go as follow: menu->COMM->Wireless Network


There is a triangle together with a red “!” on the top of the main screen, how to cancel it?
It is a signal of the Alarm when the device is getting down from the wall. When the device is installed on the wall normally, this signal will disappear automatically.
How to change the wallpapers of the device?
Upload the jpg documents with “1~10.jpg” as initial letters of document names stored in a U disk to the terminal. After the upload, these pictures can be displayed on the interface of the terminal. Create a new directory named "wallpaper" in the root directory of U disk and place wallpapers into the directory. A maximum of 20 wallpapers can be stored and the size of each wall paper cannot exceed 30 KB. Pls go as the follow path to upload: menu->USB Manager->Upload->Wallpaper.
If the device connects with a printer, how to set the printer function on the device? Can the paper be cut automatically when it comes out?
Please go as the follow path: menu->Print->Printer Options->Print (On)->paper cut (If you need it, turn it as“on”) , Then go as below: menu->Print->Data Field Setup (choose to turn on those functions you need.) Thirdly, go to Menu-->Comm.-->RS232/485 and select baud rate. Here is the connection between the device and the printer.
How to change the advertising pictures of the device?
Create a new folder named "advertise" in the root directory of U disk and place advertising images into the folder. A maximum of 20 images can be stored and the size of each image cannot exceed 30 KB. There are no restrictions on the image’s name and type.
How to save the illegal verification record.
Please go to the follow path to turn on this function: menu->System->Attendance->Save Illegal Verification Record (Turn it on).Then the device will keep the record though it is illegal.