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If I forgot the password of DVR/NVR, how can we login in DVR/NVR.
What does 4K mean?
What is PoE Power Supply?
What is Resolution?
Resolution is usually measured by the number of horizontal and vertical pixels. It can be expressed as number of horizontal point * number of vertical pixels. In a fixed plane, the higher resolution could provide better image.
What is ONVIF?
ONVIF is committed to providing and promoting open interfaces to the security industry for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products.
What is H.264+?
H.264+ technology is a kind of intelligent algorithm developed by Hikvision. It is a remarkable encoding technology which focuses on the features of the surveillance video and is optimized based on the H.264/AVC. H.264+ lowers the bitrate of the surveillance video greatly so as to save the system cost.
What is DVR/NVR?
DVR/NVR is a management device which realizes the function of centralized storage, local live view, search, playback and other functions. The main difference between DVR and NVR is the function of encoding. DVR is an encoding unit, but NVR does not have this feature.
What are Stream and Bitrate?
After the video is compressed, a stream is generated. Bitrate (bps): quantity of bit stream per second. Bitrate type: Constant Bitrate (CBR), Variable Bitrate (VBR). Stream type: video, audio, video & audio complex stream.