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Connected fingerprint reader and not, the result is not the same
Due to the limitation of the algorithm, a fingerprint reader must be connected in order to initialize the algorithm library and the comparison interface can be invoked.
Fingerprint comparison always fails
1.Confirm whether the fingerprint template of the customer is correct
2.Confirm that the customer's own development process has judgments on algorithm library initialization and fingerprint reader connection. The algorithm library initialization may fail but the client still invokes the comparison interface.
Is it possible to convert our 10.0 fingerprint template into a picture (jpg, png, etc)?
Fingerprint template can't convert pictures. The binarization process of extracting fingerprint feature points from a picture and saving it as a fingerprint template is irreversible.We can get the original fingerprint image from the fingerprint reader through the SDK interface ZKFPM_AcquireFingerprintImage. It does not support converting from a fingerprint template to a picture.
How big USER ID does the SLK20M support?
Our biometric identification SDK does not involve user IDs.Since a person has 10 fingerprints, we only have a finger index, which is a 32-bit unsigned integer, a pure number that does not exceed 9 in length. Our SDK only cares about the information he collects, then compares it and does not care about logical data.
How to get a 300*400 fingerprint image?
Need to use PIV standard SLK20R
Does ZKFingerSDK provide fingerprint template conversion interface?
ZKFingerSDK is not provided, there is another conversion library that can provide conversion interface.However, only ZK10.0 fingerprint templates are currently supported for conversion to ISO/ANSI templates. ISO conversion to ZK fingerprints is not supported.
The ZKFingerModuleSDK command MD_ENROLL_TMP issued a fingerprint to SLK20M failed.
When the command issued a fingerprint, base64 format encoded fingerprint needs to be decoded
The ZKFingerModuleSDK command MD_READ_USER can only obtain the number of templates when acquiring user data from the SLK20M. Cannot obtain the template number?
There is a field in the structure of user information for how many fingerprints the user has stored.If a fingerprint is deleted, the word value of the field is reduced.In addition, the index inside the module is self-maintaining. If you want to or fingerprint the index number, you can only read and download all fingerprint templates to query.