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Parking Barrier: Controlling Access for Parking

Al Dossry is our prestigious project which we have succeeded in Controlling the Access for Al Dossry. Al Dossry was established in 1990 by the president Mr. Ammash M. Al Dossary, a reputed name in Petroleum Engineer’s Community of Saudi Arabia, AL DOSSARY GROUP FOR GEN. CONTRACTING (DOSS) has become one of the leading multi business groups in Saudi Arabia. The management was scuffling for the controlling access for parking for Al Dossary. DOSS has earned an outstanding recognition kingdom wide. With our project, it provides an easy access to the vehicles in parking. Our product range had offered the define range of additional safety with an augment standard features or tailored access control system to suit the requirements of the Al Dossry. Our access control system finds a solution to meet their parking barrier problems. With an ideal parking barrier system we had ensured vehicles to be parked and taken out safely from the parking lot. It helps them in consuming less time which enables their efficiency in performing. With the best maintenance of access control system in the parking barrier activity, its technologies and services was easily maintained from time to time. Our systematic approach finds easy to operate and versatile with the best solutions. Owing with the technological enhancement, it itself creates a better utility in reserving the best ever access control process. Thus with our project, Al Dossry were happy in consisting solutions for the access control system which enables in a better revenue management and security system for their proper functioning of activities.


  • Centralized Management
  • Secure and Safe Biometric Data handling
  • Ease of Access
  • Automatic monitoring of Access to enjoy the membership privileges

Project Details

Customer: AL Dossry
Category: Parking Barrier
Date post: 26 Dec, 2015
Tags: Parking Barrier