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We make every detail product into perfect upon the needs of customers. We have a happy team, which builds a radiant product circle. We are the authorized distributors of worldwide brands like Dahua, D-Link and ZKTeco which includes products like POS systems, Security Camera, Video Recorder, Time Attendance, Access Control, Magnetic Lock, Fingerprint Door Lock, Cables, Accessory, Turnstile Gates, Video Door Phone, Alarm System and Software’s and Network Products in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Mecca and Medina. According to the market life cycle and requirements of customers we make up the best product. Buy the product which constitutes the benefit for your needs. We build product based upon the decisions of the strategy, hence we focus more on the value of product to be increased so that we can provide you with the best quality systems.

All Products Categories

  • Point Of Sale Hardware & Softwares

    ZKPos for Restaurent,ZKPos For Supermarket,ZKPos For Wholesaleshops,POS Printer,Label,Ribbon

  • Security Camera

    Analog Camera,IP Camera,Cloud Camera,BioCam

  • Video Recorder

    DVR Digital Video Recorder,NVR Network Video recorder,HVR HD Video Recorder

  • Access Control Device

    Fingerprint Access , Inbio Controller

  • Fingerprint Door Lock

    Fingerprint Door Lock,Finger Encoder

  • Magnetic Lock

    Magnetic Lock ,Electric Strikes,Electric Bolts,Bolt Lock Bracket,L Bracket,Z Bracket

  • Time Attendance Device

    Fingerprint Devices,Face Detection

  • Network Products

    Router,Switch,Modem,Jack,Patch Pannel,Face Plate,Box,Connector,Access Point,VPN Router

  • IP Telephony

    IP Phone,IPPBX

  • VPN Virtual Private Network

    VPN Devices,VPN Connectivity

  • Accessory & Cables

    Fingerprint Reader,RFID Reader,Door Sensor,Exit Button ,Mouse Fingerprint,Mifare Card,RFID Cards,MINI UPS,Mouse Fingerprint,Energy Saving Switch,LED Monitor,Hard Disk,BNC,Brackets,Connector,POE,Adapter etc.

  • Turnstile Gates

    Turnstile Gates