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Project Consultation

Achieving solutions that offer maximum performance and yield greatest results requires proven expertise, a close working relationship built on trust, and a diverse network of technology partners.

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E-mail :  manager@alshugaacompurtes.com 

Managed Services

The Adwaa Al Shugaa Managed Services Platform can help you reach your strategic goals, reduce costs, and save time.


Adwaa Al Shugaa OnCall support offerings can help. Our engineers are highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of solutions, which allows us the ability to design a custom OnCall plan that’s based upon your specific organizational needs.

Adwaa Al Shugaa ERP

Adwaa Al Shugaa ERP will alleviate this concern by serving as an extension of your team to define, execute, and test the day to day functions that happen in enterprise networks.

Monitoring and Alerting

Adwaa Al Shugaa Monitoring & Alerting is designed to minimize this difficulty by providing you with a single pane of glass for full visibility and by assisting in incident monitoring and management.