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Adwaa Al Shugaa has developed professional Softwares for different Solutions. Achieving solutions that offer maximum performance and yield greatest results requires proven expertise, a close working relationship built on trust, and a diverse network of technology partners.The importance of a software always goes up over the time. Our software system, analyse random features to satisfy to meet with your requirements. It always desires to create better source of service for your satisfaction.

General Manager :  Shibu T Mathew 

E-mail :  admin@alshugaacomputers.com 

IT Manager : Anish AK

E-mail :  anish@alshugaacomputers.com 

Tel. : 0532724891

POS Software

Biometric POS Software for Catering Industry.
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POS Retail Software

Biometric POS Software for Retail Industry.
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POS Android App

Standalone Android POS App for Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, Pizzeria, Bar & Beverages, Bakery, Retail, Wholesale & Supermarket.
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ZKPos Restaurant Back Office

ZKPOS RESTAURANT BACKOFFICE is a complete solution for your business needs. Now let us start exploring ZKPOS RESTAURANT SOFTWARE BACK OFFICE.
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ZKPos Supermarket Back Office

Every retailer needs a complete and efficient interface to manage the day to day business activities in the shop.
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Lana Time Web

LanaTime 3.0 —— Web-Based Multi-Location Centralised Time Management
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Shyshan 4.0

Shyshan 4.0 is a powerful web-based time attendance software which offers the most innovative features a time attendance software can offer.
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Lana Access Software

Lana Access Software is used for access control management which provides a systematic control system to the areas to cover the membership management structure.
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Gim Management Software

An all-in-one gym membership management software system made for gyms and health clubs of all sizes.
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