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Video Door Phone

Industry Description

The colour video door phone can be used to call, intercom and control both an electronic door lock and an electrically operated outdoor gate. It can be applied to monitor outside area, offering combined benefit of security and convenience. It is suitable for application in villas, single houses, hotels, offices etc. Adwaa Al Shugaa are the leading Video Door Phone distributors in Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, Mecca and Medina.

With increase in a source of crime, or lacks of security everyone is focused about the safety and security of their concern. With a high clarity of video structure, you can find convenience in watching the views. It provides a systematic criteria for securing your concern. It has the increased digitized facility and compatibility structure in which it can easily connected to your CCTV Surveillance Systems. It established a strong protective body, in which it enumerates in a proper display system. It is an essential security tool, in which anyone install the video door phone system at their doorstep for keeping an eye on the visitors. Through this, it allows the residents to communicate safely with the visitors without any physical interaction with them. Video Door Phone is for your security, and enhance it with your needs.

Slim designed indoor unit with touch pad. • Water-proof, damage-proof, oxidation-proof and abrasion-proof zinc alloy panel outdoor unit. • Electronic door lock release function. • Outdoor gate control function. • Outdoor monitoring. • Adjustable Chroma, brightness and speaker volume. • Wall hanging option for indoor unit. 2. When calling from the outdoor camera, the Audio &Video were transferred to indoor monitor at the same time.

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Video Door Phone