Parking Device Installations

Boom gates are used to regulate traffic, manage access control, or impose high security and they are typically found at level (rail) crossings, draw¬bridges, parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas. ZKTeco PB100 boom barrier utilizes reliable electromechanical machinery to guarantee satisfaction in quality and stability. It is suited for applications requiring high volume access and medium levels of security

The main features of this system are its safe, efficient, reliable, and simpler installation process. The collision eject mechanism ensures high protection ability. The system have incorporated a control panel with 3 push buttons (Stop/Up/Down) to control the motor. The input interfaces are for Photocell, Air switch, Loop detector and the output interface is for lamp. There are two transmitters for remote control, and works from up to 25m distance. The system is works manually to rise or fall the arm in case of power failure. The length of the aluminium barrier arm will be up to 6m.

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