ZK Time Web 2.0: Web based attendance management for Ital Consultant

ZK Time Web 2.0: Web based attendance management for Ital Consultant

Ital Consultant is our prestigious project which we have done in all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ITALCONSULT is an Italian engineering consulting company established in Rome in 1957 by the largest industrial groups of that time for giving evidence throughout the world of the Italian “know-how” and capacity “to perform engineering”. From December 2012, the Company has a “new” share structure formed by Bevilacqua Engineering Group, actively operating in Italy in the sector of public and private transport infrastructure (with construction costs amounting to more than 12 billion US$ in the last ten years) through the Companies “SIS S.p.A.– Studio di Ingegneria Stradale” and “A&S, Autostrade e Strade Engineering S.p.A., now merged into ITALCONSULT, and two groups representatives of the Italian excellence in the economic and financial fields: Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A., one of the biggest Italian bank very active in supporting infrastructure investments and also in foreign activities (countries of Central – Eastern Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa), and Tecnoinvestimenti Srl, belonging to the Italian Chambers of Commerce through TECNOHOLDING S.p.A., enjoying their own national and international network able to foster investment initiatives and programmes as well as to activate bilateral technical-commercial agreements. The Ministry of Interior wanted to track the attendance records of their projects in KAP 5 by ITALCONSULT. They needed to install the machines in all their sites including the remote locations in deserts. And we can say very proudly that we have successfully done this project within given time and with zero mistakes. The product given is I Clock 700 and I face 402 for centralized monitoring and tracking the time & attendance for their employees. The I Clock series devices are standalone fingerprint Time and Attendance system for 'IN' and 'OUT' status. It is designed especially for security and proxy attendance control, it is easy to integrate into any kind of existing applications includes static application and VPN applications. I Face 402 is of the same application including face detection.

  • Biometric Machine is easy to operate and user friendly
  • It is highly secured with Password protection
  • Server Load optimization (Multiple records in one ping)
  • In absence of network it stores the Data in memory
  • Optional IP / HTTP URL Communication
  • Accurate data Export to USB

Project Details
  • Customer: Ital Consultant
  • Category: Biometrics & RFID
  • Date post: 26 Dec, 2015
  • Tags: ZK Time Web 2.0, I Clock 700, I Face 402

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